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All cakes are made with high quality ingredients, from which I have sourced from some of the leading fine food suppliers.  Chocolate used in the ganache and cakes is a belgian chocolate and handmade chocolates are made from Felchlin chocolate. Real Butter and free range eggs and real vanilla and only the freshest ingredients,

Wedding cakes may be iced with white chocolate ganche and fondant, chocolate shards and collars, Swiss buttercream and more! The weather and your preferences will determine which is best for your special day.

Wedding cake orders are taken 6 months to a year in advance, with a 50% deposit required to secure your date, and final payment one week before your big day. We do offer a payment plan please inquire when inquiring about your cake. Pricing varies depending on your needs and budget, so please contact us and we will arrange a time to meet and plan your design.

I also offer a taste pack with your choice of 4 flavours from my range for $25 please let us know if you would like one of these before your consult with us.

 All quotes are vaild for 14 days. Deposit will need to be paid within the 14 days to secure your booking. Thanks 

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