All cakes are made with high quality ingredients, from which I have sourced from some of the leading fine food suppliers.  Chocolate used in the ganache and cakes is a belgian chocolate and handmade chocolates are made from Felchlin chocolate. Real Butter and free range eggs and real vanilla and only the freshest ingredients,

Wedding cakes may be iced with white chocolate ganche and fondant, chocolate shards and collars, Swiss buttercream and more! The weather and your preferences will determine which is best for your special day.

Wedding cake orders are taken 6 months to a year in advance, with a 50% deposit required to secure your date, and final payment one week before your big day. We do offer a payment plan please inquire when inquiring about your cake. Pricing varies depending on your needs and budget, so please contact us and we will arrange a time to meet and plan your design.

I also offer a taste pack with your choice of 4 flavours from my range for $25 please let us know if you would like one of these before your consult with us.

 All quotes are vaild for 14 days. Deposit will need to be paid within the 14 days to secure your booking. Thanks 

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  1. Kerry says: operates out of a council inspected / registered kitchen I hold a current certificate in food health and safety .


    Welcome to

    Creating personalised, customised cakes decorated according to your requirements ( colours & designs). I could help you design your cake suitable to your ocassion or you can show me your design and we can go from there. Whatever your design, I will attempt to achieve the same result with my personal touch added to it. I do very limited cakes per week to provide quality work so advance booking I highly suggested.

    All cakes are individually bake up to 2-3 days prior to the event and they are all bake from scratch ( no premixes here!!)and I use only the finest quality ingredients that produce cakes that look good and taste so much better.

    All baked & decorated goods are from a Registered Home-based Kitchen and follow strict food safety regulation to ensure the health and safety of all customers.

    All cakes are available in the flavour of your choice. They have layers and include a generous amount of the filling of your choice in-between. All standard cakes (not 3D) are approx 3.5-4″ or 8-10cm deep. They are available in two main styles of finish either buttercream/ganache or fondant. Cakes range from small understated and elegant to a large 3D, sculpted and novelty cakes, multi tiered and weddings cakes.

    Cake flavours and filings, Cake Prices – see the Notes tab on my page.Ta!

    Sculpted cake can be done in various ways “in relief” or 3D. There is no “set” price list as all cake are priced on a per cake basis. All cake prices are derived from the following: complexity of the design & labour required, research, in some cases special stands or support needed & serving requirement. Labour is the biggest factor so for example a 3D car cake for 15 is not likely to be significantly less expensive than the one for 30 as the same amount of labour is required. Additionally, I also will need a minimum amount of cake to work with to achieve the design i.e. no I cannot make a 3D cake for 5 people ,etc—I am more than happy to work with you to come up with the design that suit your budget wherever possible.

    Cakes can either be finished with buttercream, ganache or fondant of your choice.

    If there’s a particular flavour you like that’s not in the list, please feel free to ask.

    CAKE BOOKINGS- I need at least 2 weeks notice however to provide highest quality work I limit my order to a max of 2 cakes per week and also, still have a family life :-) so I encourage you to book in ahead of time.
    I can also create wonderful cookies both covered with either fondant or royal icing and some chocolate pieces depending on the heat.

    PAYMENT POLICY- I require 50% down payment to secure your booking, the balance must be paid 2 weeks before the event for weddings or a week before for other cakes .

    To be able for me to give a quote, pls email me with the following details:
    1. What cake flavour & filling do you like? pls refer above
    2. How many servings do you need?
    3. Do you have any cake design idea in mind or a pic? pls attach it
    5. What is date of your event?
    6.What is your budget if any?

    For further information, please email me here or

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